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[Melanie Escombe]

May 2017

Melanie Escombe

Originally from London, England, Melanie Escombe spent her formative years at some of the world’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll shows. From seeing Queen’s last show with Freddie Mercury at age 3, to Pink Floyd’s final show at age 11, music and stage show spectaculars were indelibly marked on her soul.

After many years of searching for her place in that magical world, and many failed attempts at learning an instrument, Melanie finally picked up a camera, and began to photograph local acts. It didn’t take long for Melanie to be recognized as a natural talent, and she soon earned her spot in the pit amongst the elites.

Since 2012 Melanie has photographed some of the music world’s most iconic artists, including Iggy Pop, Elton John, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, and Slash.

Melanie’s passion, and love for the live music scene are instantly visable in her black and white captures. Her photography uniquely captures the emotion of a performance, and invites the viewer to share in that moment with her.

Melanie now resides in Los Angeles, and can be found out most nights at the local venues in Hollywood, camera in hand, capturing the eduring spirit of rock’n’ roll.